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Event videos have the potential to do more for your business than just document an event. They can be used to boost sales, strengthen your brand and generate leads for future customers. Mobile phones can actually already make a video that summarizes the event, so it's nice and easy!

Unfortunately, that is often just not what is needed to get the viewer to take your company seriously. A professional videographer can make all the difference. What makes the difference?


Why an event video for your company?

Event videos can help you set yourself apart from your competitors. The more unique and interesting the video, the more likely it is to be shared on social media and picked up by news channels. This can increase brand awareness and lead to more sales. In addition, event videos are also a great way to build trust with customers. Why? The videos show that your company cares about its products or services, increasing the likelihood that they will do business with you again in the future. Finally, event videos help to build relationships between you and customers; once someone watches an event video, they are much more likely to become loyal followers of your brand!

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Create an event video

The first step in creating an event video is choosing the right location. It is important that you choose a location with enough space for people to move and interact with each other. A comfortable place to sit also adds to the location. Also make sure that the lighting is good and the sound quality is adequate. If there are any issues with any of these things, they can be resolved before filming begins. This can be done by adding more light or using audio recording equipment.

When choosing a video production company, it is important that they both have experience working together on set and have high-quality equipment. Depending on the size of the event, one or more videographers are needed to capture the images and sound. At an event, there is only one chance to include organized and spontaneous activities, reactions and emotions. So you have to be sure of the qualities of the videographer.

The videographer will have to ensure clear communication about the desired images of the event. Since the videographer only has one chance for each event, a playbook will need to be shared to reduce the risk of missing out.

After the event is over, the videographer's job is to select the best footage. After that, the goal is to recreate the experience and the feeling of that time in the viewer.

At a glance:

An event video for promotion

Event videos are a great way to connect with your audience. The right event video can build trust, strengthen relationships with existing customers and attract new customers.

An effective event video can help you share your story in an engaging way with the world, keeping people coming back for more!

Event videos have the power to capture moments that would otherwise be lost in time or memory. This helps future generations to relive these precious moments from afar. They give viewers from all over the world access to exclusive events such as conferences, corporate parties or weddings. Even if they weren't there!

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Investment for future events

If you're a business owner, consider creating a video that can be used for future events. This will help you create a marketing tool and increase your online presence.

If you have multiple events such as trainings or workshops, then it is important to create content that can be used again and again with different audiences in the future. The content can be used as part of your marketing plan by uploading it to YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn, where it can reach thousands of potential customers looking for similar products or services, like yours!

"An effective event video can help you share your story in an engaging way with the world, keeping people coming back for more!"


Event video’s kunnen een significante bijdrage leveren aan jouw bedrijf, mits je het op de juiste manier inzet! Dit begint al vóór het evenement bij het maken een duidelijk plan en het kiezen van een ervaren videoproductiebedrijf die jou daarbij helpt. NH Visuals is daar één van. Hoe zij werken, kan je read here.

Once the video is online, it can be used to promote your business and is multi-purpose for future events.

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