NH Visuals is a video production company focused on the world of video marketing to get your brand, product or service out there in a convincing way.

Our purpose is to produce authentic videos that take your business to a higher level .

We work systematically and collaborate with transparancy. This way no one will be confronted with unexpectancies and the quality can be guaranteed.

We look forward to making your vision a reality!

“Let’s turn your imagination into visualisation”

About Nigel

reliable flexible creative studious achiever

Next to my study for becoming a Biology teacher, I regularly danced the partner dance Kizomba in my spare time. In this dance environment many videos were made.

Often the footage was left behind, because no one could edit it. I saw a opportunity to develop my skills as a video editor. I have invested a lot of time mastering it. Once I had mastered this, I started to delve further into the profession videography. Along with my knowledge, the number of requests for video projects also grew. This is how NH Visuals was born.

 The art of videography is something I practise with passion. I get excitement from making a video that gives the viewer a story. A video must give you the feeling that you are experiencing it

My musical background helps as a videographer to use music in a tactical way and to tell the story.

I am convinced that you can accomplish anything with enough time and effort. This mindset has led me to complete two master degrees, dance at a high level, play guitar, run a business and of course produce professional videos for you.

Obviously, this would not have been possible without a balanced life. That is why I practise meditation and mindfulness. Consequently, the calmness creates space for creativity to arise.

"The possibilities in video are only limited by our own imagination."