Storytelling & Video Marketing

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Storytelling is an important part of video marketing for communicating products, services to conveying the emotion behind your brand. It's essential to use video in a way that helps you achieve your business goals, but also make sure it doesn't distract viewers from what they came to see in the first place: you!


Videos are a great tool for storytelling

This claim is hard to call an opinion when you consider how many stories have been told with videos. Do you have a video in mind that told a really good story? Me too…

Storytelling in Shawshank Redemption video marketing

What makes this movie so good? Many themes are discussed in the story that connect to the viewer's perception of the world:

  • Life isn't always fair. An innocent man is sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Where there's a will there is a way. Andy digs his way out using a rock hammer.
  • By helping others, you also help yourself.  He helped many people, prison guards and inmates without expected reciprocity. In return, he earned friendship, protection, trust, and respect.


Without attention to the story and the themes that come into it, it would never have been such a success.

Get to the point quickly

In order to be successful in telling the message, it is important that the video captures the viewer's attention. It helps to keep the video short and sweet. Preferably a video is no longer than a minute. The reason for this is simple: people are busy and impatient, so they won't watch more than 60 seconds of your video if it doesn't directly interests them. How do you ensure that they become and remain interested? This can be done with the help of storytelling. For example, think of that one movie or series that you couldn't put on pause and needed to know more about. That's because of the story that convinced you to look further.

"If storytelling is done right, a video can't last long enough."


This is what storytelling is all about

Now that the relevance of storytelling in video marketing is known, I would like to share how we can realize good storytelling:

An experienced videographer will know what needs to be done to properly combine video marketing and storytelling for your business. NH VISUALS is also specialized in this and can ensure that this plan becomes reality!


Use your videos to communicate more than just information.

Video is a powerful way to tell stories and convey ideas, but it's important to remember that you also use video to communicate with people. Here are some ways to make your videos more effective:  

  1. Use video to communicate emotions. People often view business communications as purely functional, but emotions play a huge role in how we respond to content – and the best way to connect with people is to tap into those emotions. Use video not only as a medium for information, but also as an opportunity to tell stories and connect on a deeper level.
  2. Use video to communicate empathy. An easy way for businesses to focus on creating real connections through storytelling rather than just pushing products or services onto potential customers' boards without asking them what they want or need first!

Think about how many times you've been touched by an ad that made you feel something – it doesn't have to be positive either; people love to see brands take risks and be real with their customers. Even if all of these ads don't make it on TV or social media, they can still elevate your brand's personality online (and in person).



I hope this article has been helpful and informative. Video is a great medium that can be used for so many different things, but it's important to remember that the most important thing is that you have something to say. Tell your story in a way that engages your audience and they'll keep coming back for more!

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